Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read my pendant?

Each and every page is there, and visible with a microscope. You can read it with our Jewelry reader or take the pendant to your local jeweler to view it directly on a jeweler’s microscope. A high powered magnifying glass can let you view each page but the texts will not yet be legible. To read it, a lab quality microscope is needed.

Microscope-Text-John-3-16_200.jpgIs the whole book really on there?

Yes! Sarah Ha Jewelry offers archival jewelry pendants with the King James 1611 Holy Bible, the Torah, and the Book of Mormon currently, with other products in the works. Our exclusive NanoRosetta nano-etching technology creates perfectly readable and legible characters each about 2 microns, 0.006 points or or 78/1000 of a thousandth of an inch. It's hard to imagin but to picture this, take an inch. Chop that up into 1,000 even segments. Take one of those segments and chop that up to another 1,000 evenly divided pieces. Put 78 pieces together to make a character.

How fast will my order arrive?

Your order will ship by USPS first class mail and should arrive within 3-10 days. From time to time we will use FedEx overnight if you need that service. Just let us know.

Where are the pendants made?

We're proud that all of the necklace sets in the Sarah Ha Jewelry line are made in the USA. We design and hand manufacture the medallions from Rochester Tech Park, NY. We then assemble and ship from the same facility. Our quality 100% Sterling Silver frames are made in California and 100% Sterling Silver necklaces in Massachusetts.


Who is Sarah Ha?

"Sarah Ha Jewelry line is named after Stamper founder Bruce Ha's wife. The jewelry is a line of pendants, each etched on one side in incredibly tiny print with the entire King James Bible, the Book of Mormon, or the complete works of William Shakespeare — with room enough for a small diffractive symbol, such as a cross or quill pen." - Matthew Daneman, Staff Writer D&C, Rochester.

Can I wear this in the shower?

Yes. Your Sarah Ha medallion is optically bonded to glass to make it scratch proof and water proof. The pendant is made of Sterling Silver. Silver is meant to be worn, and the oils from your skin help protect it. Soap and other chemicals can tarnish it, though. For best results, we recommend removing your pendant before showering. If your pendant does tarnish, see our Care Instructions, or bring it to your local jeweler for polishing.

Can I get it in different shapes, sizes, etc?

Today we offer religious jewelry with pendants that contain the entire Holy Bible, Torah, and Book of Mormon. We anticipate offering new lines and shapes in the coming year, so check back! Have an idea or suggestion? We’d love to hear it.

Can I customize with names and pictures?

The back of the pendant is left open for engraving. This can be done at Things Remembered or any local engraver. Sarah Ha Jewelry is designing new products that will include the ability to nano-engrave names and pictures along with other personal documents.

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