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Using patented Wearable technologies, NanoFiche and Totenpass, we engrave super high resolution to preserve stories in the longest lasting storage known to man.  As an analog human readable format, information is preserved for tens of thousands of years in elemental metal and encased in gold and inert metals.  You can store documents as well as precious photos that will never be lost to time.

Loved ones can be remembered in an elegant way close to your heart.  We offer gold cards to go with urns so the stories and legacy stay with the ashes.  We also offer ash pendants that will carry documents and photographs as a beautiful wearable accessory.

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Personalized Jewelry

Our patented archival jewelry enables all of us to be close to the one or many stories of our loved ones wherever we go.

Existing custom etching technology often allows for a single photograph and enough space to engrave a name and a date.  We found this to be inadequate to document the richness of a life.

We spent many years in research to create technologies to store the entire history of our loved ones by etching hundreds of documents and photos on the size of a dime.  It is human viewable and readable with the aid of a magnifying glass.  You can wear it fashionably or carry it as a credit card size gold card in your wallet.

We strive to keep our technology affordable.  Manufactured in clean room labs, the same labs where Kodak developed the Picture CD, the documents are etched and preserved forever for many generations to come.

- Bruce Ha, Founder, Inventor, and President

Patented Technology

Impervious to extreme heat, moisture, radiation of space, we were selected by the Arch Mission Foundation to create the first Lunar Library containing the Wikipedia that was placed on the moon in 2019.

Our Wearable Totenpass process enables a large number of photos and documents to be preserved and accessorized beautifully in silver or gold.  Photos and documents are lithographically etched into metal at 25,000 dots per inch resolution to last for generations.  The resolution is enough to write an entire bible in analog human readable format.

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Why it matters to us

Guardian Angels

There's comfort and hope in believing your loved ones, who have passed on, live on forever as our guardian angels. Carry their photos and always have a loving reminder to call upon them for guidance.


Who are the people that are always there for you.. who make you smile... who hold your hand... who know you... Your family! Let their happy faces permanently engraved on a beautiful pendant put a smile on yours! Your husband, wife, children and grandchildren...let them remind you that life is beautiful and you are always connected.

Unconditional Love

There is one, that is always thrilled to see you, wants to be by your side, and loves you through thick and thin... your pet! Wear a photo necklace of your beloved pet as a reminder that there is someone waiting patiently to smother you with love.

Our prize winning product

Personalized NanoFiche Pendants

Hypo-Allergenic - Durable - Meaningful - Unique

Silver Moneda Coin Pendant

This Sterling Silver Pendant holds a medallion 19mm in diameter as a coin. The front is protected by a quartz crystal and the back can be laser engraved with a message.

Base price of $125 plus $5 per image or page of document.


Sparkling Stones

This hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Pendant does not ever tarnish and protects the medallion with a watch quartz in 25mm in diameter round.  Very easy to maintain.

Base price of $150 plus $5 per image or page of document.


NanoFiche Wearable Technology



Round or Rectangular Pendants

Made in Rochester, NY


Gold, Silver, or Stainless Steel

Standard Credit Card Size


Round pendants 19 to 33 mm

Rectangular pendant 10mm x 18mm

Weight : Various


Human readable analog

Digital stored as high density QR codes


300,000 dots per inch

80 nm dot size

Entire Bible at 10mm diameter


1,000X Magnification

Digital copy on viewer app

Archival media


24K Plated Gold - Durable - Meaningful - Unique

Credit Card Size Totenpass

This card can hold about 100 pages of text and photos.  The more pages you put on, the more magnification is needed to view.  Publish your own book and preserve it forever.

$50 plus shipping


Totenpass Technology


Corrosion Free with no Half Life

Standard Credit Card size

Made in Rochester, NY


Pure 24K Gold Plated (0.2 grams)

Pure Nickel Base


Standard credit card size

Length : 86 mm

Width : 54 mm

Weight : 10 grams


Human readable analog

Digital stored as high density QR codes


25,000 dots per inch

1 micron dot size


100X Magnification

Digital copy on viewer app


Adrienne Germany

"I've gotten a few gifts in my life, but this is the best one. Way better than carrying the Word of God in my phone. I thank the Lord for ordering your family's path to develop this beautiful idea. His Word will never be lost."

Randy Tyler

"It's a unique present! My parents were so happy and impressed."

Julien B. Booth

"Used a memento for a cherished photograph. Love it."