Interchangeable Time Capsule

Interchangeable Time Capsule

According to the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice at Deloitte, more than 3.5 million photos will be shared per minute.  TechToday estimates more than 14 trillions photos are taken annually.

How many photos define the special moments in your life?  Not nearly as many.  However, the photos we care about fondly take us back in a nostalgic way.  Those memories are precious because the photos are the reminder of the powerful emotions we felt at that moment.  Whether it was happiness at a wedding or birth of a child, or death of a loved one, we gravitate towards that single photo, no matter how tattered to feel again that moment in time.

What if that photo was destroyed?

Kodak became one of the top companies in the world during its heyday because it kept memories for people.  It captured their lives in photos.  Now that digital has replaced it, we take trillions of pictures, but often only a few define the moments we want to relive.  Those photos may be stored on your phone, on your computer, or online.  They are all on a digital media somewhere. 

What if that media crashed?

We all tend to trust the digital media to hold our most cherished memories forever.  However devices crash.  Hard drives crash.  Guess what?  The photos stored on the cloud are on hard drives too in an unknown location somewhere in the world.

So what's the best way to archive your memories?  This is exactly what professional archivists in charge of documents preserving events in history are charged with.  One such organization is Long Now Foundation located in San Francisco CA.

They used our NanoRosetta® technology to create their wearable Rosetta that can withstand the test of time for thousands of years.  We have since been working on making such devices fashionable.

Here is our latest design to create an interchangeable locket.  We have already used the Mi Moneda interchangeable coin system and you can order it on our sister site at  We wanted something to call our own.

Here is what we came up with.