For the Patriots, wear the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence documents and carry it with you all the time.  Nanoscribed and framed by your favorite accessory.

Imagine all of Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork and scientific drawings together inside your pendant. Or can you imagine wearing Shakespeare’s timeless collection of writings?

Imagine all of Mozart, Bach or Beethoven’s musical notes captured forever inside this small pendant. Every stanza and graceful note can be recreated and enjoyed for millenniums to come.

They are all preserved on a medallion to last for thousands of years.

History, Arts, and Music

$ 125.00 $ 125.00
Everyone knows of the genius renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, and his legendary works. Those works can now be archived for thousands of years using the archival technology used in this medallion. It can last the sands of time, and extreme temperatures, all while remaining beautiful and shiny due to the...
$ 125.00 $ 125.00
The United States Constitution is what makes America the free and prosperous nation it is today, setting the essential laws, which are still enforced over 200 years later. The Constitution is an integral part of the United States, and is one of the most important documents in history, historically and...