At Sarah Ha, a DBA under Stamper Technology, we work everyday with executives of archival foundations to archive knowledge of Earth permanently for future generations. We have archived a 30 million page library on the Moon as well as ancient texts for the Buddhists and the Argentina government.

Today most of the world’s knowledge and individual legacies are stored on a digital device that, over a short period of time, will disappear if they are not regenerated on new form of media. Digital encryption has gotten so sophisticated that if a chunk of the bitstream is damaged, information is lost forever (assuming a reader is available to retrieve the information in a few decades). Even the cloud is relegated to just bits on spinning discs that will eventually stop functioning.

We’re not only scientists, but we’re also artists. We preserve legacies forever in a nano-format that can easily be stored, carried, or even worn. Everyone has a story and collectively those stories make history and comprise a legacy for humanity. We share those stories and find comfort in them. We all have stories of our faith, our country, our heroes, our knowledge of math and science, our arts and music, our family, and our passion.

We connect humanity’s incredible stories to each individual’s own heart. We want to touch everyone in some way, which is why we created our enabling technology to preserve their stories, their passion, and their memorials. We preserve the history and legacies of yesterday, powered by the technology of tomorrow. Humans have many fascinating stories to tell. Let us at Stamper Technology tell those stories forever.

We were awarded top 6 companies in the Think Tank competition at the world's largest jewelry show JCK in 2016 and the 4 patents earned the founder the Inventor of the Year nomination in Rochester NY.

You can see our jewelry on TV at HSN under the Michael Anthony Jewelry line.

We hope you too can feel the reassurance our unique jewelry (found nowhere else in the world) provides or give that special gift of comfort to someone you love.

Our medallions are made from state of the art technology thousands of times faster and higher density than existing technologies. They are designed to withstand the wear of time and can be passed on for generations (as verified by an independent lab).  It's a keepsake and will be part of your heritage. Celebrate your story with a Sarah Ha jewelry.

Science and Technology

Pi to 7 million digits. To us as scientists it represents a challenge, to preserve what cannot be preserved. We want to conquer the transcendence and mathematical ubiquity of pi. Imagine that infinite vastness in an area the size of a penny. That’s what we want to do at Sarah Ha. Science is about exploration and discovery, and we want to preserve the path you explore and data that you record. Our unique nanotechnology gives us the power to preserve this data for you, forever. We aim to inspire you to keep searching where no one has ever dreamed of going. We live by this motto, and we hope that you will too.

Examples of our work

Faith Based

With Sarah Ha, you can have the shield of your faith with you always. Carry God’s word with you and you will feel the protection and all encompassing power of faith fill you with warmth and love. This faith not only connects us to God, but also to each other. The juxtaposition of having something as small as a piece of jewelry contain and represent something so indescribably vast is what we live to do. We’re a small family at Sarah Ha, and we want to give you something that will connect you with your family and your faith.


How is it possible to withstand Father Time? Buildings crumble; cities are burned to the ground and destroyed while history is lost and carried away by the wind. At Sarah Ha we are not backing down from Father Time. Our medallions connect people with the past. We have preserved the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, two of the most important documents in U.S. history. These documents define our lives and connect all Americans to one another. They embody the enduring pride and strength that lives within all of us. We hope you will learn from the past with our team at Sarah Ha by keeping it with you always.


Find protection and comfort in our memorial jewelry, always. Memorials don’t have to be grandiose to be important. The people who sacrificed themselves for our country deserve to be remembered. At Sarah Ha, we want to connect you with these courageous people. Wear these memorials as a symbol of remembrance. Thank these brave men and women for allowing us to preserve all that we hold dear. By using nanotechnology to allow these memorials to fit onto a medallion that can be worn, the connection that we provide is unique to each individual.

Art and Music

Science is our art at Sarah Ha. We’re passionate about preserving art, but in a way that is unique and rings true to what we love. We are inspired to push past the boundaries of what is normal and create something that is unique. Shakespeare used a quill, paper, and a brilliant mind to craft some of the most unique and cherished written works of art in human history. Our tools are more modern, but we take inspiration from these past innovators, and have worked to build a new way to preserve and connect to their art. Our medallions and jewelry are our way of thanking the greatest artists in human history.


How We Make Our Jewelry

We create our own nano engravings in Rochester NY starting from elemental metals. We design our jewelry and work with some of best quality jewelry manufacturers to exact specs. The jewelers manufacture the same jewelry that go into department stores and on TV shopping networks.

The result is amazing quality jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Sarah's story

When Bruce showed Sarah his new invention of engraving tiny texts on metal for security counterfeiting, Sarah asked if Bruce can engrave a few Bible verses. Bruce engraved the entire Bible, Old and New Testament with a glistening cross. Sarah now wears that pendant everyday.

Zoom in to the Word of God

All 32,000 verses of the Bible engraved on metal to last forever. Find connection when you wear or hold the Word of God. Be reassured that God will always be with you.

Kids wanted to explain the technology

Sometimes technology is like magic, too amazing to be true. So the kids wanted to explain it their way.

Trusted in Space

The Long Now Foundation trusted our licensed technology to preserve a language codec that can decipher every language on Earth.

in 1821, the Rosetta Stone was deciphered because it contained three languages and enabled the ancient Egyptian civilization to be massively understood.

Our pendants will last over 10,000 years and the writing has been analyzed by the Los Alamos Labs to last for over 10,000 years.

Preserving Music

Favorite Lyrics and Music sheets can be archived on a beautiful pendant that is meaningful and unique. Music has the power to connect us, leads to better learning, improve memory, and elevate our moods.

14 Stations of the Cross

14 Stations of the Cross. Embedded in a clockwise position are the images at each station with the geographical location where it happened. Enter those locations into Google Map and you can see exactly where.

The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Mary protects all those who wear the medal. We further embedded the New Testament around the perimeter that tells the greatest story ever told.

All the words of Angel in Bible

With an Angel designed by Michael Anthony, we added the verses where "Angel" was mentioned throughout the Bible. It's a beautiful way to have Angels close to your heart.

30 min Informational Video

Informational video on how the technology combines with beautiful jewelry to create a unique and meaningful gift.