Each medallion encased as a coin is nano-engraved with the nano texts along with billions of diffractive elements to shape light and produce beautiful colors under point source lights.  The coin is made of 304 stainless steel and covered with a watch crystal and will not tarnish or get scratched.  We stand by it with a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked.  We want you to enjoy it and pass it on for generations as a nano keepsake.

Many of the written text are too small to read without optical visual aids.  We have made it more convenient for you by including with every medallion, a QR code that you can scan on any smartphone and read every word and see every detail on the medallion.  It's also a great way to share and show off your wearable technology.  Most people won't believe it until they see the viewer in action.

To view all the colors of the diffractive patterns, look under a point source light such as an LED, halogen, or even the sun.  Difractive patterns work like a prism and break light into different spectrum of colors and works best when light comes from a single direction.

If you would like to wear these coins, we would recommend a interchangeable system like Mi-Moneda which are very stylish well designed.  The coins are interchangeable with their large, medium, and small, but not the XS sizes.

Nano Coins

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