Personalized Nano Collection

Your life stories, documents, and photos can be archived and preserved forever on a Sarah Ha pendant using the same commercial technology used by major companies around the world.  Companies use us because there is not other viable permanent storage that can be retried in a few hundred years.  Digital is too complicated and in formats that will soon be obsolete.  We print in analog human readable format that can easily be retrieved with the sun and optical lenses.

We have published thousands of books on a NanoFiche™ format from Shakespeare, to Jane Austin, to Stephan Wolfram’s New Kind of Science.  For the Long Now foundation, we created a wearable Rosetta that contains the language key to unlocking every known language on Earth (  Argentina used our technology to archive their history into a 200 year time vault and the Buddhists have permanently archived hundreds of thousands of ancient pecha pages to last for 10,000 years and more.  We now have added a new Totenpass process to create much larger formats such as a credit card sized storage device.  Store your books and photo albums on cards that are easy to organize and store.

Most recently Arch Mission utilized our technology to place a 30 Million page engraved library on the moon.

We have now opted to make the personalized designs, well, more personalized and you have full control over the design.  Upload photos and arrange it how you like in a collage or in an orderly format.  The front is manufactured with a lithographic 25,000 dots per inch process, and the back is laser etched with a 50 Watt 1,064nm fiber laser using an ablative process.

Contact us if you have any problems.  Thank you and may you forever preserve your most precious memories.

Personalized Nano Collection

Personalize this 925 sterling silver charm with a photo of a loved one laser engraved to last for thousands of years.  The silver is Rhodium plated to be tarnish proof just like white gold.  This pendant about the size of a penny. Customize your life story into a sparkling mini...
Personalize this 925 Sterling pendant embedded with sparkling crystals around the rim, with your favorite memories, laser engraved to last for thousands of years.  Add up to 20 photos. Customize your life story into a sparkling mini time capsule and we will send it to you in about a week. ...