Leonardo Da Vinci Pendant 5

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Leonardo Da Vinci Pendant 5

$ 149.00

Uniquely Beautiful and Meaningful


Everyone knows of the genius renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, and his legendary works. Those works can now be archived for thousands of years using the archival technology used in this medallion. It can last the sands of time, and extreme temperatures, all while remaining beautiful and shiny due to the diffractive elements. All of Da Vinci's works have been etched into the silver using extremely precise lasers. The medallion comes centered in a beautiful pendant that complements the work perfectly. 

This is the perfect gift for anyone interested in art or history, and can also be enjoyed by friends and family of all ages. The complete works are really there, and while nearly invisible to the naked eye, can be viewed by a high-powered microscope. However, most people do not have ready access to such things, we have prepared a digital reader for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

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