Made with NanoRosetta® Technology

Sarah Ha pendant is a beautiful and unique way to wear your faith close to your heart. With NanoFiche™ engraving technology, exclusively from Sarah Ha Jewelry, the entire King James 1611 Holy Bible can be recorded on a gleaming medallion mounted in sterling silver with a sterling silver chain.

When you wear your Sarah Ha Jewelry, you walk through life with the peace of mind that your faith is never far away. The brilliant design reflects light in a beautiful array of colors, highlighting the simple cross adorning the pendant.

A Unique Gift for Important Occasions
Commemorate the sacraments with a gift of faith. Christian jewelry is a very popular gift for weddings, baptisms, first communions, and confirmations. Give a unique gift for any religious occasion with Sarah Ha. This limited edition King James 1611 Holy Bible pendant makes a perfect first communion gift for your child, niece or grandchild and is designed to last for generations. Sarah Ha Jewelry is classically styled and a most elegant choice.

Read Your Pendant

The entire King James 1611 Holy Bible is readable, page by page, verse by verse, with a microscope. Since most people don’t keep a microscope in their pocket, we have created our online pendant reader so you can experience your pendant’s content virtually.  Every pendant comes with a link to an online viewer accessible with a QR code.  Using a smart phone or tablet, simply download a QR code reader if you don't already have one and scan.  It will take you to your viewer page that allows you to pan and zoom into every detail of the 6 billion pixel image.

Want to see it for yourself? Take your pendant to your local jeweler and ask to view it with their jeweler’s microscope.

Beauty Meets Cutting Edge Technology
Sarah Ha Jewelry is created with NanoFiche™ engraving technology, breakthrough technology that allows massive amounts of graphical information to be written on medallions the size of a penny. This disc is truly archival, and has been tested to withstand wear and tear for 300 generations.

Learn more about NanoFiche.