How We Make Our Jewelry

We create our own nano engravings in Rochester NY starting from elemental metals. We design our jewelry and work with some of best quality jewelry manufacturers to exact specs. The jewelers manufacture the same jewelry that go into department stores and on TV shopping networks.

The result is amazing quality jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Sarah's story

When Bruce showed Sarah his new invention of engraving tiny texts on metal for security counterfeiting, Sarah asked if Bruce can engrave a few Bible verses. Bruce engraved the entire Bible, Old and New Testament with a glistening cross. Sarah now wears that pendant everyday.

Zoom in to the Word of God

All 32,000 verses of the Bible engraved on metal to last forever. Find connection when you wear or hold the Word of God. Be reassured that God will always be with you.

Kids wanted to explain the technology

Sometimes technology is like magic, too amazing to be true. So the kids wanted to explain it their way.

Trusted in Space

The Long Now Foundation trusted our licensed technology to preserve a language codec that can decipher every language on Earth.

in 1821, the Rosetta Stone was deciphered because it contained three languages and enabled the ancient Egyptian civilization to be massively understood.

Our pendants will last over 10,000 years and the writing has been analyzed by the Los Alamos Labs to last for over 10,000 years.

Preserving Music

Favorite Lyrics and Music sheets can be archived on a beautiful pendant that is meaningful and unique. Music has the power to connect us, leads to better learning, improve memory, and elevate our moods.

14 Stations of the Cross

14 Stations of the Cross. Embedded in a clockwise position are the images at each station with the geographical location where it happened. Enter those locations into Google Map and you can see exactly where.

The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Mary protects all those who wear the medal. We further embedded the New Testament around the perimeter that tells the greatest story ever told.

All the words of Angel in Bible

With an Angel designed by Michael Anthony, we added the verses where "Angel" was mentioned throughout the Bible. It's a beautiful way to have Angels close to your heart.

30 min Informational Video

Informational video on how the technology combines with beautiful jewelry to create a unique and meaningful gift.