'I ♥ You, Mom' Pendant 5

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The 'I ♥ You, Mom' Pendant is a great way to show your appreciation to your dear mother with a beautiful gift she will surely love. On the medallion is the phrase "I love you" written in every language, a meaningful and universal message. The phrases are very small, as the have been inscribed using very precise lasers using the latest nanotechnology, which also gives it its gorgeous diffractive elements. The medallion features the words "I ♥ U MOM", below it an infinity symbol, and around it, shiny hearts and the "I love you"'s. In addition to the previous features, the medallion is also extremely sturdy, and can withstand extreme temperatures and thousands of years' worth of wear. The piece also features a sterling silver pendant that complements the medallion perfectly. 

This is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, or any other special occasion for your mother, such as her birthday. It is a great way to show your appreciation and love. All the languages are really there, nano inscribed, and can be viewed using a high-powered microscope, but since many do not have ready access to such a thing, we have provided a digital reader for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

'I ♥ You, Mom' Pendant 5

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