Personalized Sterling Silver Pendant with Embedded Crystals

$ 550.00

Personalized Sterling Silver Pendant with Embedded Crystals

$ 550.00

Uniquely Beautiful and Meaningful


Personalize this 925 Sterling pendant embedded with sparkling crystals around the rim, with your favorite memories, laser engraved to last for thousands of years.  Add your photos and arrange to your liking.

Customize your life story into a sparkling mini time capsule and we will send it to you in about a week.  Carry your personalized photo album.  Add up to 20 photos to allow photos to still be seen by naked eye. The more photos you add, the smaller the photos will be and you will need more optical aid to view.  There are no other resolutions like this available on jewelry. This is a piece of jewelry that will guarantee to create a "wow!" when you show them the tiny pictures.  Imagine the joy when your unique and meaningful gift brightens up someone you love.

The photos engraved in metal are virtually indestructible and will last through most disasters.  At times we need tissues around our display. Why?  The preservation power of the jewelry for precious memories often evokes emotions when the pendants themselves tell their stories and knowing that their loved ones will forever be remembered on a Sarah Ha medallion.

How do you view your time capsule?  For up to 20 images, they are viewable without aid.  Enhanced with an eye loupe, you can view with amazing details.  Send us the photos electronically and we will archive them forever on your personalized medallion.

Each of our glittering personalized medallions are nano-engraved on metal and encased with a watch crystal and will last for generations.  The metal will never tarnish and completely hypoallergenic.  They are truly nano-keepsakes.  Nano-engrave your very own time capsule and be remembered forever. 

To do each of the personalized pendants, it begins with your story.  Using your computer, tablet, or smart phone, upload and arrange the images as you like and check out.  Once submitted, we set up a complex process beginning with rendering images into a proprietary format of over 6 billion pixels to fit in the size of a coin.  Each photo adds to the complexity.  We then apply a lithographic process to render the images that is the same for one or for 20 images.  We don't use a laser printing system off the shelf.  Our equipment takes up several rooms including a clean room.  Think microchip. The nano pixels are called patented diffractive elements and computed to provide the shifting colors of the rainbow.  Even the photos will color shift.

Etched onto elemental metal, the photos will last forever.  How do we know the medallions will last forever?  Los Alamos National Lab (you know, the one that developed the nuclear bomb), tested them under extreme conditions and extrapolated to last for over 10,000 years. The Rosetta stone uncovered in Egypt had 3 languages etched into it had lasted for several thousand years will probably be readable for next several thousand.  Imagine how rust proof archival metal will do.

For the first time and using technology not available anywhere else, you too can capture your story on a medallion the size of a coin.  Start your story now. Click here to contact us with any questions.

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Handmade with love.

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