Shakespeare Quill Pendant 5

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What, is the jay more precious than the lark,
Because his feathers are more beautiful?

So asks Petruchio in a rhetorical musing from William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (Act IV, Scene III), suggesting that appearance isn’t everything (“’tis the mind that makes the body rich,” he says).

When you wear your Sarah Ha Jewelry, you walk through life with the peace of mind that your passion is never far away. The brilliant design reflects light in a beautiful array of colors, highlighting a quill, the hand of Shakespeare.

Commemorate Shakespeare's most enduring life accomplishments with gift of legacy. A pendant from Sarah Ha makes the perfect gift for Christmas, anniversaries, and other special occasions, and it is a keepsake that will last for generations.

Shakespeare's collection is readable, page by page, stanza by stanza, with a microscope. Since most people don’t keep a microscope in their pocket, we have created our digital reader so you can experience your pendant’s content virtually.

Sarah Ha Jewelry is created with nano inscribing, breakthrough technology that allows massive amounts of graphical information to be written on medallions the size of a penny. This medallion is truly archival, and has been tested to withstand wear and tear for 300 generations.

Although our patented technology is truly amazing, nano-engraving millions of words on size of a dime, what it does makes it warm and meaningful for our customers.

We make it possible for memory keepers to preserve important family memories through customized jewelry containing symbols, documents, and pictures that monument key life moments and feelings.

Other jewelry may have charms symbolic of important life events, but they rely on the wearer to tell those stories.  Our jewelry is a millennial archival medium that paints a rich personal history through important documents, photos, and symbols memorializing key life moments and beliefs without relying on a personal retelling.

Archives are often stored away sight unseen.  Our jewelry openly displays one's personal story imbued with diffractive optical elements enhancing its beauty with sparkle and shifting colors.  Consumers can further select from a myriad of themes (religion, sports, science, other passions) or create unique custom built content.

Wear our NanoFiche™ jewelry proudly and marvel friends and family with a keepsake and heirloom that will guarantee to amaze.