US Constitution Pendant 5

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The United States Constitution is what makes America the free and prosperous nation it is today, setting the essential laws, which are still enforced over 200 years later. The Constitution is an integral part of the United States, and is one of the most important documents in history, historically and morally. This important document can now be archived for generations thanks to nanotechnology. The entire Constitution is etched onto a medallion about the size of a coin using very precise lasers. The medallion features the Founding Fathers of America having a meeting, the words 'We the People' above them. Around the image are the pages inscribed. The design incorporates diffractive elements to create the beautiful glittering colors of the medallion, setting it apart from anything ever done before. 

This piece is a perfect gift for those interested in history, patriotism, and anyone in general, and can be enjoyed by friends and families of all ages. The entire US Constitution is really there, although it is so tiny, it is nearly invisible to the naked eye. However, it can be viewed using a very powerful microscope, but since many do not have ready access to one, we have prepared a digital reader for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

Although our patented technology is truly amazing, nano-engraving millions of words on size of a dime, what it does makes it warm and meaningful for our customers.

We make it possible for memory keepers to preserve important family memories through customized jewelry containing symbols, documents, and pictures that monument key life moments and feelings.

Other jewelry may have charms symbolic of important life events, but they rely on the wearer to tell those stories.  Our jewelry is a millennial archival medium that paints a rich personal history through important documents, photos, and symbols memorializing key life moments and beliefs without relying on a personal retelling.

Archives are often stored away sight unseen.  Our jewelry openly displays one's personal story imbued with diffractive optical elements enhancing its beauty with sparkle and shifting colors.  Consumers can further select from a myriad of themes (religion, sports, science, other passions) or create unique custom built content.

Wear our NanoFiche™ jewelry proudly and marvel friends and family with a keepsake and heirloom that will guarantee to amaze.