Winged Heart Psalms Pendant 5

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Keep an iconic Bible quote close to your heart with this Winged Heart Pendant. It contains a quote from the Psalms book from the Holy Bible. It has more of a light design, the wings being more colorful and complementing the sparkly background.  The diffractive elements, the reason why the medallion is so sparkly, area result of the latest nanotechnology produced in Rochester, NY. The medallion is centered in a beautiful high-quality sterling silver pendant that complements the shining look.

This piece is a great gift for weddings, baptisms, and other religious events, and is enjoyable for friends and family of all ages. While the text is not microscopic, like most of our other pieces, it is still fairly difficult to see and read with the naked eye, which is why we have prepared a digital reader for your viewing pleasure and convenience.

Winged Heart Psalms Pendant 5

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